Sunday, January 25, 2009

Princess Name Frame

One of our four year-old daughter's school friends invited her to a birthday party. I had seen these wonderful name frames people were making on the Cricut Message Board and thought it would be neat to make one geared to a child. As the proud owner of the two Disney princess cartridges and knowing how much little girls love the Princesses, I thought that a Princess Name Frame would make a perfect gift for Faith.

So, over the period of a week every time we saw Faith we asked her who her favorite Disney princess was. Every day it was a different answer. I even asked her Mom and got a completely different answer! So the solution to the problem became clear -- make them all!

We picked up a white frame at Michael's, used a piece of 12" x 12" Disney Princess words scrapbook paper from our stash, some "bling", and all those bits of paper scraps I refuse to throw away. The princesses were cut at 3" and the letters at 3.5".

I think it turned out really nice -- but the true test was the look on Faith's face when she opened it at her birthday party. She LOVED it! Her Mom sent us a really nice note thanking us for the gift and letting us know that Faith has it hung on the wall next to her bed.

I also made Faith a birthday card. Take a look . . . it turned out really cute! Again, I used my trusty Cricut and the candle from the Joys of the Season cartridge. Using the Design Studio program I laid out five candles side by side, "welding" them together so that I could make an accordion fold. Too much fun!


Miss Britt said...

this is just way too cute! i'm borrowing. ;)

notquitemarthastewart said...

love it