Friday, June 11, 2010

Every Day is Earth Day

On our way in to school on the morning of Demi's play, Dee and I were tackled stopped by the school's music teacher, Ms. D.  "I saw the amazing roller coaster car you two created!  Would you be able to help me with props for the Fourth Grade play?  Could you think about it and come see me after Demi's play?"  Dee and I both said "Sure." 

The Fourth Graders have not been able to put on a play for the last couple of years.  The theme for this play was good old planet earth.  To make a long story short . . . we met with Ms. D, drew up some ideas, and got to work.  We created three solid-colored fabric panels to hang on the stage (just some hemming on the sewing machine), eight zebra-striped sashes for the dancers (simple sewing), fifteen animal masks and eight painted projects. 

Dee and I trekked out the Teacher Resource Lab the next day with our designs and Sharpie pens in hand.  Three hours later we had the following things drawn out (and cut out if necessary) on cardboard tri-wall -- two recycle bins, the Earth, a Giant Panda, a Blue Whale, a Black Rhinoceros, a Whooping Crane and a 4' x 6' animal scene.  We spent Memorial Day weekend painting so that everything would be ready for installation the afternoon before their dress rehearsal.  The animal masks were all cut out using my Cricut and the Animal Kingdom cartridge.  They were delivered the morning of the dress rehearsal. 

Did I mention we turned this around in less than a week's time?  Whew!  Tons of fun -- time consuming, but so worth it!