Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Morning Funny!

OK, just had to share this!  Our six year old daughter is firmly ensconced in our bed watching TV because she has a terrible cold and a low-grade fever.  She has plenty of tissues, her cup of Gatorade, her notebook, crayons, silly bandz and lip gloss (after all a girl has to look good even when she's sick).

I'm on the other side of the house working in my office -- making Minnie Mouses on the Cricut to decorate a cake Dee is making for a little girl's first birthday -- when all of a sudden Demi bursts through the door with tears in her eyes, waving a piece of notebook paper in my face that has an 800 number written on it in orange crayon.  She says, "Mom, quick!  Call this number!  We have to save the puppies and kitties!!"

After I get her calmed down, I discover that she has seen the heart-wrenching commercial for the ASPCA that features singer Sarah McLachlin and her song "Angel."  (It makes me tear up when I see it, too.)  I explained to my daughter that it was a commercial -- and that we contribute to the ASPCA when we can.  I also reminded her that we have saved puppies and kitties in the past by adopting animals that no one wanted.

Satisfied with that answer, she heads off back to bed.  A few minutes later, here she comes again.  "Mom, call this number . . .  I want you to order me some Moon Sand."  *SIGH*  "No more cable TV for you my girl, how about we put in a DVD?"


Savahanna said...

Haha great story. Sounds like me yet I am running to my husband :) Have a good day and I hope she feels better soon.

Paper Addict said...

Too bad you did not live closer, as I am looking for someone to help me ride all of my horses, I give quite a few kids lessons, and compete even at my age in Rodeo, so if you are ever in my area, I would be happy to take your daughter on a real horse back ride...Ronnie